Lost In Neulich

Kein Dorf für Anfänger

The first ARD Audiothek Original Fiction Podcast “Lost in Neulich” was recorded in our studios. The 24-part series was produced by Radio Bremen in cooperation with Audiowunder and is available on the radio and in the ARD Audiothek since December 2022.


Anja Herrenbrück

Technical Direction:
Christian Bade

Lina Kokaly

Tobias Hagelstein

Leading Roles:
Tessa Mittelstaedt
Martin Engler
Bianca Naqrath
Ella Lee
Christoph Moreno

Lost in Neulich Square Cover 1

Cover Artwork by Daniel Bornmann (DUAT Agency)

Behind the Scenes / Credits: Irgendjemand mit nem Handy da